- General One on One Class  

General one on one class, customized to each student's schedule, current level, interest and learning needs. Whether you require a flexible timetable or just want to be able to study at your own pace, we can help arrange our Mandarin Chinese teachers for you. Private lessons are the best option for students who need a more tailored and one-on-one approach. We have offered tailored programs to a variety of sectors, offering quantifiable and visible results. Private classes are ideal if you prefer a very personal focus on your own level and aims. Learn Mandarin Chinese with your Private Tutor from Chinese Plus!  



- Intensive One on One Class  

Intensive one on one class is the perfect  option if you have specific targets or limited time. It’s the fastest  way to learn a language and improve your Mandarin Chinese skills.  Intensive private lessons can be given at any level any time, and each  class is designed for your needs and adapted to your rate of progress.  For private training, choose our Intensive One on One classes (15 to 30 lessons  per week)  with syllabus content designed to match your goals, and to accelerate  your learning. From customized study planning to guaranteed learning  goal, your investment will be well worth it. You will see tangible  results in a short period of time.